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50 student-athletes receive academic honors for spring quarter

Fifty University of Denver student-athletes received academic honors for performing at the highest level in the classroom during the spring quarter. Fourteen student-athletes were honored as Hornbeck Scholars, while 36 student-athletes were named to the Dean’s List.

The Hornbeck Scholars List recognizes undergraduate students who, in a given quarter, have earned a 4.0 grade-point average while taking between 12 and 14 credit hours. The Hornbeck Scholar honor is named in memory of Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck, a distinguished DU graduate elected to a Rhodes scholarship in 1904, the first year of Rhodes scholarship eligibility for American students.

Gymnastics led the way on the Hornbeck Scholars’ List with three student-athletes recording 4.0 GPAs, while men’s soccer, men’s swimming and women’s lacrosse all had three student-athletes each.

The Dean’s List honors undergraduate students who achieve a quarterly grade point average of 3.75 or above while taking at least 15 credit hours. Women’s soccer led the way with six student-athletes receiving a 3.75 or above, while women’s swimming and diving had five student-athletes.


Hornbeck Scholars List

Larkin Jacobson – Hockey

Taylor Hunter – Men’s Soccer

Blair Jeralds – Men’s Soccer

Jeff Cox – Men’s Swimming and Diving

Ryan Holly – Men’s Swimming and Diving

Henry Craig – Men’s Tennis

Alison Janecek – Women’s Basketball

Alix Angelopulo – Gymnastics

Rachel Feeken – Gymnastics

Paige Tollefson – Gymnastics

Mackenzie Boone – Women’s Lacrosse

Jessica Gring – Women’s Lacrosse

Makayla Cappel – Women’s Lacrosse

Maria Khan – Women’s Soccer


Dean’s List

Gabe Levin – Hockey

Eric Adamson – Men’s Lacrosse

Steve Marchetto – Men’s Lacrosse

Jack Pruitt – Men’s Lacrosse

Chris Flowers – Men’s Skiing

Trevor Philp – Men’s Skiing

Oliver Brown – Men’s Soccer

Peter Fallon – Men’s Swimming and Diving

Robin Lindgren – Men’s Swimming and Diving

Jorge Palma – Men’s Swimming and Diving

Frederick Bjorne – Men’s Tennis

Max Krammer – Men’s Tennis

Jens Vorkefeld – Men’s Tennis

Maiya Michel – Women’s Basketball

Chaunise Powell – Women’s Basketball

Mieke Heyns – Women’s Golf

Jenn Etzel – Women’s Lacrosse

Silje Benum – Women’s Skiing

Sterling Grant – Women’s Skiing

Emma Naatz – Women’s Skiing

Mariaelena Rizzieri – Women’s Skiing

Amelia David – Women’s Soccer

Paige Diamond – Women’s Soccer

Laura Feehs – Women’s Soccer

Kristen Hamilton – Women’s Soccer

Caitlin Higgins – Women’s Soccer

Stephanie Woo – Women’s Soccer

Jaclyn Best – Women’s Swimming and Diving

Kyrene Clarke – Women’s Swimming and Diving

Madaline Eyolfson – Women’s Swimming and Diving

Bridgette McNally – Women’s Swimming and Diving

Alex Suppan – Women’s Swimming and Diving

Stefanie Rath – Women’s Tennis

Kate Acker – Volleyball

Samantha Berger – Volleyball

Frances Carroll – Volleyball

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