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Mannino’s ‘artful’ head is in the game

There’s little doubt dejected opponents of DU’s hockey team leave the ice with images of Peter Mannino’s helmet seared into their troubled minds. 

If anything, the DU standout goalie’s head gear is memorable, artful and nearly as busy as Mannino is when he’s fending off flurries of pucks in a long game.

It’s jammed packed, starting with two peaks and a sunset on each side of the mask, a tribute to Denver’s flag but with DU colors. The top is the arched word “Denver”. 

“I love our traditional arched ‘Denver’ and there’s no way to show it other than in mirror gold on the very top,” Mannino says.

The forehead features DU’s first mascot, Pioneer Pete, inside a wagon in the new gold and crimson colors. “I love mixing old school with new school.”

One side of his mask has the Ritchie Center. “I love the Ritchie Center and the gold tower because it represents the entire athletic body.” 

He says he likes the thought of opponents driving to the game and seeing the gold tower from a distance, symbolizing the strength of Pioneers athletics. 

On the opposite side of the mask is Boone, a Walt Disney creation and DU’s second mascot, dressed in old school colors with his brown coonskin cap. 

On the chin strap is his nickname, Manno. “It’s kind of a tradition I’ve always done.” On the back are the U.S. and Italian flags. “I’m very proud of being from the United States and my family’s strong Italian background.” 

Lastly, within the mountain peaks are logos of his past teams. “I did that to pay tribute to the organizations that made it possible for me to play college hockey here. 

“I just try to make it as interesting as possible so the fans can enjoy it.”

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