Advice for alumni

Plan B is okay. In a difficult economy, you may need to adjust your career goals, work out of your field for a while or even take a second job temporarily. If so, write a plan — include your objectives, time-frames and specific, desired outcomes — then shift to your alternate strategy.

Use your DU alumni resources. The Pioneer Alumni Network offers career and social networking opportunities. Career Center services are available throughout your working life, and the DU Careers online database has full- and part-time local, national and international job listings. The DU Bookstore offers a 10-percent alumni discount on clothing, gifts and supplies. Travel and lodging discounts are available from select vendors as well.

Ask for help. Everyone struggles with money management from time to time. There’s no stigma in asking for help. Be sure to research credit counselors carefully before you disclose any personal information and check with your local Better Business Bureau before you make a final decision. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling has extensive do-it-yourself information available online.

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