For the bookshelf: And darkness was under his feet …

Book cover of "And Darkenss Was Under His Feet"And Darkness Was Under His Feet: Stories of a Family

By Annie Dawid (PhD English ’89)

BookSurge Publishing, 2009


Annie Dawid’s latest book traces her ancestral roots through a collection of short stories from the perspective of her paternal relatives. The collection begins in the early 20th century with a Jewish Orthodox couple, Lazar and Reizl Soloman. Bukovina serves as an ethnic backdrop for the stories that follow. As each son or daughter reaches adulthood, the family continues to drift apart and reunite. The Holocaust plays an especially important role in the family’s religion and relocation. Generational differences—and similarities—become apparent in the culminating reunion, where the effects of the war years are seen in the elders. Read more


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