For the bookshelf: Whiter Than Snow

Book cover for "Whiter Than Snow"Whiter Than Snow

By Sandra Dallas (BA ’60)

St. Martin’s Press, 2010


On a spring afternoon in 1920, an avalanche hurtles down a rocky slope above tiny Swandyke, Colo., sweeping up everything in its path—including nine young children who are walking home from school. Only four children survive. Whiter Than Snow takes you into the lives of their families, and each of their stories echo themes of fate, chance and divine providence. It’s through each character’s defining moment in his or her past that the reader understands how each child has become its parent’s purpose for living. In the end, it’s a novel of forgiveness, redemption, survival, faith, and family. Whiter Than Snow is the ninth novel by New York Times bestselling author Sandra Dallas.


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