For the bookshelf: Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies

Cover of multicultural counseling handbookHandbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies

By Lavita Nadkarni, Jennifer Erickson Cornish, Barry Schreir, Lynett Henderson Metzger and Emil Rodolfa

Wiley, 2010


Lavita Nadkarni is an associate professor in DU’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology and director of its Forensic Studies Program. The handbook provides an overview of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes/values needed to work with diverse populations. Emphasizing the practical application of theory and technique to real-world case examples, the work is tailored to contemporary practice and training requirements and is ideal for mental health professionals across the helping professions. All royalties from the sales of the book go to support the Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies’ leadership in training new professionals in multiculturally competent practices. Read more


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