Pioneers Top 10: August 2011

The top 10 countries hitting www.du.edu:

1. United States (Obvious)
2. India (Would have thought China. Chinese students are DU’s largest international student population.)
3. China (There you are! Indian students are DU’s third largest international student population.)
4. Canada (Maybe because we have a hockey team. A good one.)
5. United Kingdom (British concerns are some of Colorado’s largest foreign investors. )
6. Germany (A Denver restaurant was the first to trademark the “cheeseburger.” Germans are still curious.)
7. Saudi Arabia (DU boasts high-profile Saudi Arabian alumni.)
8. Australia (Despite DU not having Australian rules football.)
9. Russia (The Denver area has a large group of Russian immigrants, and DU has a robust Russian langauge program.)
10. France (Maybe visiting DU’s Knoebel School of Hospitality Management site for potential wine customers.) 

–From DU’s web analytics. Have an idea why these countries are so interested in DU? Click here and add a comment.


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