Pioneers Top 10 Fashion Essentials

Erin Bleakley

Women’s fashion essentials

1. A pair of jeans that fits you correctly. It’s hard thing to find, but when you do, buy a couple pairs. Also, you should wear the jeans several times before washing, and turn them inside out while in the washing machine to maintain the coloring.

2. A crisp white button down blouse without any detailing.

3. A pair of sleek black heels. Invest in a good pair because these will be your go-to shoe.

4. A little black dress. It may sound cliché, but a little black dress will take you anywhere you want to go appropriately.

5. A black blazer. This can top a dressy look, can be thrown over a dress or dress up a pair of jeans. It pulls together any outfit.

6. A pair of knee-high black boots. Make sure they aren’t embellished. These boots are amazingly stylish if you get the right pair; otherwise they could look really … well you know).

7. A good white T-shirt. Designers are obsessed with creating tissue-thin T-shirts that are too sheer, so make sure there is some opacity to the shirt.

8. A good black T-shirt. Same goes for the black T-shirt. Don’t get a burnout tee, and make sure it’s something that isn’t going to fall apart in the wash.

9. A black or khaki trench coat. Make sure it fits well and hits you mid thigh.

10. A black leather handbag. This should be an investment piece; you will live with this thing day-in-day-out.

Compiled by DU senior Erin Bleakley, a fashion designer and owner of Erin Kathleen Couture.

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