Pioneers Top 10: States where DU alumni reside

Map of western U.S.States where DU alumni reside


1. Colorado

2. California

3. Texas

4. Illinois

5. New York

6. Florida

7. Washington

8. Arizona

9. Massachusetts

10. Minnesota

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  1. Just a Thought says:

    Its no wonder that DU is making a name for itself nation wide!

  2. Samuel White says:

    I think DU should work on an alumni mentorship/internship/ job bank for those students matriculating and considering moving to any of these places. Also for those students that currently live in these states and would be interested in working for these people.

  3. Christine Kwon says:

    In response to Samuel,
    The Pioneer Ambassadors have developed a mentorship program with alumni called DU’s Pioneer Connections Mentoring Program. It is again accepting applications for this year’s program which offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to pair with an alumni of DU, ideally in their field of interest, to begin discussing what it takes to develop a career in a particular industry. Although mentors typically reach out to the students first, mentees ultimately will have the responsibility for developing the relationship with their mentors. The hope is that through meeting with an alumni professional, undergraduate students will be able to begin networking and gathering vital information about how to be successful once they graduate from DU. The program is open to individuals of all interests, including those who are undecided.

    To participate, you need to complete a Student Application, including a Statement of Intent that addresses your goals and questions for your mentor. Pick up an Application from the Leo Block Alumni Center and then return it via email to chyman@du.edu or at the Leo Block Alumni Center by January 28, 2011. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.

    Feel Free to contact myself @ ckwon@du.edu or Cindy Hyman, Associate Director of Alumni Career Programs for more info.

    University of Denver
    Leo Block Alumni Center
    2190 E. Asbury Ave.
    Denver, CO 80208

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