Pioneers Top 10: Ways to show your partner you love them

Ways to show your partner you love them

(in no particular order)

1. Make time to ask about things he or she cares about and listen well

2. Tell him/her all the reasons why you married/started dating him or her

3. Say thank you for the things you appreciate

4. Leave a handwritten note in a place that will surprise him or her

5. Send a text message or e-mail during the day just to say I love you

6. Be physically affectionate (hold hands, make time to hug every day)

7. Do a chore he or she doesn’t like to do

8. Do something to learn more about your relationship (ie: read a book about relationships, go to a workshop together)

9. Give a gift he or she isn’t expecting

10. Plan a date and make it happen

Compiled by Galena Rhoades, senior researcher in the psychology department, and graduate students Erica Ragan and Gretchen Kelmer


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