Research updates September 2010

Andrew Goetz of the geography department has been appointed to the editorial board of the UK-based journal Transport Reviews. He has also been invited to present a research lecture for the Transport Studies unit at Oxford University.


Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Alison Schofield was invited to have her recent monograph, From Qumran to the Yahad: A New Paradigm of Textual Development for the Community, discussed in a book review panel at an international conference.  Her new theories about who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls have challenged the field of Scrolls studies, and as such, her book, along with that written by a senior colleague, John J. Collins from Yale, were reviewed and discussed an a plenary session at the International Organization for Qumran Studies/International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament in Helsinki, Finland, Aug. 1-5.


Buck Sanford, professor of biological sciences, is extended through January 2011 as Program Director of Ecosystem Science in the Biological Sciences Directorate at the National Science Foundation.


Daniels College of Business professors Paul Olk and David Corsun each co-authored a featured chapter in the Cornell Handbook of Applied Hospitality Strategy, which was published by Sage in July 2010. Olk, working with Peter Rainsford and Tsungting Chung, wrote a chapter titled “Creating a strategic direction:  Visions and values,” and Corsun and Stan Bromley wrote “The process of introducing strategic change.”


Assistant Professor Toshiya Ueta of Physics and Astronomy gave a review talk on the interface regions between the circumstellar envelopes and the interstellar medium around a particular type of aging stars called Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB). The conference, “Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars II: Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants,” was devoted to the study of the nature of AGB stars scattered throughout our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. It was held Aug. 16-20 in Vienna, Austria, at Universität Wien (University of Vienna).  More than 100 researchers from all over the world participated.


Ray Kireilis, Professor of Music, has released a new CD, English Clarinet Quintets. It features the works of Sir Arthur Bliss and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor; both pieces feature solo clarinet with string quartet accompaniment.


Regina Germain, adjunct law professor, was appointed to the American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration Advisory Committee for 2010-11.


Andy Sharma, new faculty at the Institute for Public Policy Studies, will be attending the 41st Southern Demographic Association Conference in Knoxville, Tenn., to present research examining elderly migration and the role of state policy. Recently, retirees (individuals 62 years of age or older) are no longer seeking Florida as the primary destination. Sharma’s work examines the push and pull factors that motivate retirees and how new destinations, such as North Carolina, are becoming preferred locations.


Marian Bussey and James Moran of the Graduate School of Social Work have a recent article published in the Spring 2010 Regional Development dialogue, “Assessing Human Security among American Indians: A Study of the Impact of Alcohol Use.”  It discusses an evaluation of an alcohol-prevention program in  American Indian youth and ways to incorporate program evaluation into community-based interventions.


Joseph Labrecque, senior multimedia application developer, recently presented at the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology conference at CU-Boulder.

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