Pioneers Top 10 September 2010

Close up of an elderly couple holding handsTips for maintaining a healthy relationship

1. Recognize that great relationships take effort.

2. Make your relationship a priority.

3. Go out on a date once a week.

4. Learn a new hobby together.

5. Make time each day to talk as friends.

6. Compliment and thank each other.

7. When you need to talk about a difficult issue, set aside a specific time to do it when you will both be able to listen well.

8. Get help as soon as you think you might need it.

9. Do your part to be the best partner you can be.

10. Learn more about ways to communicate.

For more information, visit www.loveyourrelationship.com, www.TwoOfUs.org or www.rhoadesconsulting.com. Compiled by Galena Rhoades, Howard Markman and Scott Stanley of DU’s Center for Marital and Family Studies

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