Viki Eagle

Viki Eagle. Photo by Wayne Armstrong

Viki Eagle. Photo by Wayne Armstrong



FIELD OF STUDY: Second-year master’s student in higher education administration; received a BA in international studies in 2012


ACTIVITIES: Native Student Alliance; “Real Life Indian” photography portfolio project


Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in the Denver Capitol Hill area. I am from the Sicangu Lakota (Sioux) Tribe, and I’m a first-generation Japanese-American. My passions are college access and success for underrepresented students.


What diversity-related activities are you involved in — on and off campus?

Throughout my years at DU, I have always been involved with the Native Student Alliance on campus — because I feel our students and our organization need representation and strong advocates. I feel this way not only because we are 0.53 percent of the student body, but because society forgets Native Americans exist, and the University of Denver sits on Indian land. I have also started my own photography project, along with [DU student] Amanda Williams, titled “Real Life Indian.” This is a photography portfolio project portraying the existence of Native Americans in the 21st century. I take photographs of people in my community, hoping to deconstruct stereotypes and to re-inspire our youth through art. This is important to me because I can be proactive and educate others on who we are as people. I could not tell you how many times people have told me I am the first/only Native American person they have ever met.


Has your DU experience changed your thinking about inclusive excellence? If so, how?

My experience at DU made me realize how much farther we have to go to embrace and represent inclusive excellence in society — and on our campus. There are still many identities that are left out of conversations and not noticed. We have to become open to different perspectives, and we must be courageous to learn. I see a lot of hope that higher education can transform the future of our society.


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