Magazine Archive

Maclyn Clouse

Sorensen Distinguished Professor of Finance
Daniels College of Business

Lynn Clark

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Mass Communications and Journalism Studies

J. Robert Brown

Sturm College of Law

María Salazar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Instruction Program
Boettcher Teachers Program
Morgridge College of Education

Karin Dittrick-Nathan, Ph.D.

Child, Family and School Psychology
Morgridge College of Education

Rahmat Shoureshi

Dean and Professor
School of Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Engineering & Computer Science

Nick Cutforth

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Morgridge College of Education

Ramki Thurimella

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science

K.K. DuVivier

Associate Professor (full Professorship 2010-2011)
Sturm College of Law

Roger Salters

Associate Professor of Engineering
Director of Engineering Laboratories
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert Stencel

W.H.Womble Professor of Astronomy
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Arthur Jones

Clinical Professor of Culture and Psychology
The Women’s College

Alan Chen

Professor of Law
Associate Dean of Faculty Development
Sturm College of Law

Anna Sher

Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Director of Research and Conservation, Denver Botanic Gardens

Andrei Kutateladze

John Evans Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry