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Research Updates April 2010

Law Professor Alan Chen, associate dean for faculty scholarship, presented “Meaningful Access to Constitutional Remedies” at the Sturm College of Law Access to Justice Conference on April 23, 2010.   Law Adjunct Professor David Kopel co-authored an article, “How Many Global Deaths from Arms? Reasons to Question the 740,000 Factoid […]

For the bookshelf: New Orleans Cuisine

For the bookshelf: New Orleans Cuisine

New Orleans Cuisine: Fourteen Signature Dishes and Their Histories By Susan Tucker (MA librarianship ’73) University Press of Mississippi, 2009   Possibly no other city in America is as closely identified with certain types of food as New Orleans. Chicago has its hot dogs, New York has its pizza, but […]


Public Relations & Marketing Mercury Awards Silver—Annual Reports—2009 PRSA National Silver Anvil Award—internal video program—2007 Silver Anvil Award—Peace Jam Conference—2007 National Federation of Press Women Second—website editing—2008 PRSA Colorado Silver Pick Award—internal video program—2011 Gold Pick Award—internal video program—2009 Gold Pick Award—one-hour public affairs program—2009 Gold Pick Award—video program—2008 PRSA […]

This month in history: April

This month in history: April

April 4, 1890 Cornerstone of University Hall is laid in University Park More than 200 people were in attendance on April 4, 1890, as a cornerstone made of Castle Rock rhyolite and engraved with the motto Pro Scientia et Religione was ceremoniously placed in its foundation, thereby establishing the University’s […]

Research Update March 2010

In November 2009, adjunct faculty member Joseph Labrecque, senior multimedia application developer with the Center for Teaching and Learning, co-presented “Streaming Video for Education” at Educause in Denver. Also in November, he was interviewed for the Adobe Developer Connection website about the use of streaming video systems at the University. […]

Pioneers Top 10 April 2010

Pioneers Top 10 April 2010

Circulating DVDs at Penrose Library 1. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) 2. No Logo: Brands, Globalization, Resistance (2003) 3. Crash (2004) 4. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) 5. Bowling for Columbine (2002) 6. Fargo (1996) 7. Big Fish (2003) 8. Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003) 9. Amelie (2001) 10. Gattaca (1997)   […]

Editorial Policies

DU Today DU Today, the University of Denver’s online publication FAIRNESSDU Today will strive to provide fair and balanced coverage. The publication does not support or endorse any individual politician or political party, nor does it favor any particular individual, organization or department within the University.   ACCURACY—DU Today will […]

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Family values Regarding your article “Full House” [winter 2009], I disagree that it is evident or a foregone conclusion that the gay and lesbian lifestyle is without long-term societal impact. The article does not address some of society’s concerns that the lifestyle is biologically unhealthy, for example. There are also […]

Editor’s note

It’s not easy to refuse a wolf that wants to lick you in the mouth. After the obligatory sniffing, a thorough face licking is their way of saying, “Welcome, human.” The animals are large and forceful; to deny them would be taken as an offense. The dexterity of their tongues […]